Still Life with Onion - Oil

Still Life with Onion, 28 x 22, oil



Opal Springs, 16 x 20, oil on linen

Accepted into the 2014 OPA Western Regional Exhibition of Traditional Oils

"I fell in love...the minute I saw it.  That never happens to me. You paint water so well I can actually hear it!"

~JR McCutcheon


"Uncomplicated scenes beautifully captured on canvas. The stories told through her art are sincere and heartfelt."

- Informed Collector November, 2014


What other artists have said:


"I got goose bumps looking at your "first attempt" in 2005 and what you did in 2010, which is so much more of a painting!  Way to go." Quang Ho, 2010


"I finally got to see your new work at the gallery in Bend.  The paintings are stunning, Sue.  The way you handle the paint abstractly, and at the same time create imagery just blows me away.  Congratulations!" Grace Bishko, 2010


"Let me begin by congratulating you on such beautiful work.  You seem well trained and, I suspect, rather successful artist.  I find your work pleasing, well composed, carefully observed and quite sensitive.  Although I think you will do well following the path you are already on, I will pass along my observations..." Thomas Torak, 2009


"I am an artist in Australia ...and find your paintings just beautiful...I think yours are much more than just traditional works, and they really have a sensitive voice.  Cheers." Carl Gopal, 2013


"I just happened to be near (OPA Salon Show) visiting family and went to see the show.  Your piece was a standout - one of my favorites.  So happy to see it in person!"  Jane Hunt, 2013